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Subject:Becky Made Me Do It
Time:03:04 pm
If you saw me in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for?

Answer me, then post to your own journal.

edit: okay... I have no defense against most of these assumptions.
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Subject:Unsolicted Product Endorsement
Time:08:38 pm
Current Mood:relievedrelieved
Greenie's brand Pill Pockets (feline, in chicken flavor) are apparently so unspeakably delicious that any wretched, medicinal crap shoved into them becomes immediately scrumptious.

When offered a pill pocket containing his twice-daily dose of the thyroid medication that will prolong his lazy, gluttonous, attention-seeking life, Will Riker had the following to say, and I quote:
nom, nom, nom
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Subject:Is that my Shadow I see?
Time:09:09 pm
Uh... hi.

Yeah, I know it has been a long time. I haven't read anything any of you have posted in a few months, so I am really behind on what is going on with most of you.

I've been a hermit, and I've needed it. Don't know if I am ready to come out yet, or not. I just know some of you have been concerned, so I wanted to poke my head out and offer anyone who was wondering the reassurance that I'm doing okay.

Baby steps are hard to take when you prefer to bound. Being very small, and working really hard on modest goals is an unaccustomed thing for me, but I'm finally recovering my ability to be proud of tiny little victories. Yay, victory, regardless of your size!

Anyway, lots of work still to do. I miss a lot of you, although I am still content to dwell quietly in my cave. Even if you never see me out and about any more, I think of my friends often and hope you are well.

Oh, and I answer the phone, when it rings. Well, most of the time, anyway. (Sorry Shuler... you have a knack for phoning just as I am becoming unable to answer. I still go to the movies, neh?)

I'll pop back in again when I have something more substantial to say... or something more entertaining, at least.

Bye for now. :)
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Subject:Atlanta Film Festival Schedule Posted
Time:02:00 pm
If you are interested in checking out this year's Atlanta Film Festival, they've FINALLY posted the schedule. Have a look, and see what yummy goodies inspire you.

I have made my first pass through and have an online schedule of the things I want to see, if you want to check it out. It only shows up to seven days at at time, so don't forget to look at both pages. I can buy tickets at the IMAGE member price, so get with me if you want me to buy your tickets and save some money.

This year I am even thinking of taking the super swanky Festival Pass or even the mega-awesome All Access Pass, but that will depend largely on whether I can interest any of you into ponying up for either the Opening Night film and party or the Closing Night film and party. I mean, I will go to screenings alone, no worries, but why buy the big pass if I just end up skipping the big parties because I don't know anyone else who is going?

Let me know right away if you are interested in coming along for a movie or two, or getting a ticket for opening or closing night, or if you are crazy like me and want to get the BIG ticket.

It'll be FABULOUS!!!!!
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Subject:Here Comes the Movies!
Time:02:28 pm
I'm starting to plan for this year's Atlanta Film Festival. They haven't posted the schedule yet, so I can't say "Who's going with me?"

I CAN do this, however. I plan to go to the closing night screening and party, and for a meager $25 per person, you can join me, if you like. ($35 to the public. I get a special price because I am an IMAGE member.)

The film is The Visitor, and it will be followed by a Q & A with the film's director. Afterwards, ticketholders will be admitted to a party at Guillotine Post, which is a local post-production house within walking distance of the theater. There will be free beer, free food, and live music, and they will announce the winners of this year's festival. All this takes place on Saturday, April 19, beginning at 7:30 p.m., at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.

Interested? Let me know, so I can buy the tickets for everyone at the ten-dollar savings. I want to get tix before the end of the month, so get back to me soon.

YAY, Atlanta Film Festival!!!!!!!
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Subject:Cat Humiliation
Time:11:22 pm
Will Riker had surgery to remove a tumor. He's fine, but has been a handful during his recovery. I've had him to the vet twice to re-set staples he has pulled out. Over the course of several days, we "evolved" a solution. A baby onesie has been reconfigured bit by bit until we've found a way to make it fit him without endangering him. The result? We (all who have recently seen him) reluctantly agreed that he seems to... LIKE it. He seems to enjoy wearing this jury-rigged kitty muscle shirt. Who knew?

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Subject:Button Seeking
Time:10:34 am
Does anyone out there recommend a good place to go here in town for buttons? I'm finishing a couple of sweaters, and I need buttons. I know to look at Gail K Fabric on Cheshire Bridge (they are closed today), but it would be nice to know of any other places with a good selection. Uncommon is good. Handmade is very good. Your recommendation is very much appreciated.
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Subject:Bracing for Impact...
Time:11:41 am
Sometimes we have an idea. It's a COOL idea, but we are uncertain as to whether it is actually a GOOD idea. This weekend, I suffer the consequences of such an idea.

About a month ago, I posted about possibly having a weekend at my place for people to come hang out and work on craft projects, and thus the Drinkin Craftin Slumber Party Weekend was born. In just over seven hours, I will begin to learn whether this cool idea is indeed a good idea, or some unmanageable social experiment that will eat my apartment, damage my health and perhaps unpredictably transform a friendship or two.

A couple dozen people drawn from my many communities will collide in a frenzy of yarn, beads, paint and glue guns, which will carry them through a full, sleepless weekend of alcohol- and caffeine-fueled crafting mania.

Or not.

I have no idea what I have set in motion. It may be a riot, or it may be a really boring weekend. We're throwing together an eclectic band of Knitters, Burners, Pagans, Academians, Hippies, Ravers, BDSMers, Burlesque Perfomers, Single Moms, Libertarians, Tech Geeks and a Pirate Wench or two. Hopefully, there will be photos. Phone ahead if you feel like swinging by...
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Subject:Roughing It
Time:01:44 pm
A water main broke outside our office yesterday. It is a Big Deal.

This morning, the road to my office is partially swallowed up by something that looks like a sink hole from the erosion.

My building has no water. I will not make the mistake of entering the ladies room a second time (I was looking for paper towels... spilled coffee... irreplaceable spilled coffee). The latrines at Transformus were more pleasant. A LOT more pleasant. Come on, folks, if you know there is no water and you have to go that badly, get in the car and drive to a place where the toilets actually work.

In the process of fixing the water, the workers seem to have cut our phone lines.

I am waiting for the air conditioning to grind to a halt. It does it often enough to expect that it will happen today. Mostly because I am wearing a very warm sweater.

I'm telecommuting tomorrow. If we still have internet...
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Subject:Autumnal Malaise
Time:12:59 pm
October has been challenging.

I've not really been myself since I moved to the new apartment, and that in itself is not really surprising.

But I'm settled in now, and the cyclical madness at work is beginning to subside, so theoretically I should be feeling better, shouldn't I? But I'm not, and I am even becoming un-okay in new and creative ways. What's with that?

Then it hit me today that I am not doing something new and crazy, but rather something old and familiar. If you've looked at the calendar, you might even have known this before I did.

Dan's birthday is Monday. The anniversay of his death is Halloween night. And even though I am feeling it more manageably this year and beginning the dread later in the month than in the past, it's here. It just snuck up on me. I suppose that is good. It is certainly better than the years where I watched it coming for more than a month, growing increasingly desperate that Dan was going to die all over again and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I'm grateful that it is no longer so toxically potent in my mind, and that I no longer become so unhinged and despairing.

So, I'm going to try to cut myself a little slack for feeling crappy, and for being antisocial. I'm going to try to realize that just because I feel awful, that doesn't necessarily mean there is a reason for it that I can act on. Sometimes it is just the time of year when I feel sad and alone, and it is okay to feel sad and alone, and there is no need to seek a cause for it in the people and activities and other components of my present life.

It's one of the seasons of me, and understanding that, I'm just going to try not to find people and things in my life to blame for my sorrow. Time passes, and so will this.
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