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Subject:Turning Heels at Turandot
Time:09:40 pm
I went with my dear friend Tom to the opera this afternoon, for a performance of Atlanta Opera's production of Turandot. The opera may mean a lot of different things to a lot of people, but to me it always means good times (I am a four-year season ticket holder, and counting) and it also means an opportunity to knit. Here's sock two of my Celtic Knots sock, getting a heel flap and some cultural enrichment all at the same time.

AO has moved to a new home, relocating from the Civic Center downtown to a new facility out in Scared White People Land. While it was nice to have a shiny new opera house, it did bother me to realize that all it took to raise average attendance figures from 6,000 people to 10,000 was shifting the setting from an urban neighborhood where "those people" live, to a site out in the sterile suburbs which is insanely far from the nearest MARTA station.

I can deal with people being idiots, and being afraid to support the arts when it requires them to step outside their little vanilla comfort zones, but something else happened that actually gave me the willies. Have you ever been to an opera, ballet or symphony concert that started with the playing of the national anthem? No shit. It was something strange and alien that I had never seen before. Displays of honest patriotism and love of America are just dandy, but this was something different. It was contrived and stilted, and smacked of enforced compliance. Patriotism, my ass. This was nationalism, and more to the point, it was nationalism invading the arts. And I wasn't happy to note that the arrangement the orchestra was using was not some lush symphonic work-up suitable to the occasion. It was a martial arrangement, real John Philip Sousa stuff, the whole bells and whistles shooting match, complete with glockenspiel and rolling snare drums that you would expect a marching band to play.

Welcome to Cobb County.

Anyway, Philip Webb kicked ASS as Calaf, and gave me beautifully delicate shivers at the ending of Nessun Dorma, so it was an afternoon wonderfully well-spent.

And I got some knitting done.
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Subject:A Community Service for Creative Loafing Readers
Time:08:03 pm
If you think you would like to have Creative Loafing delivered right to your LiveJournal, check out my profile page for the three RSS feeds I just added. You can add them too. :)

clfilm - Creative Loafing's Film feed
clseeanddo - Creative Loafing's See & Do feed
clfoodanddrink - Creative Loafing's Food and Drink feed

If you want to add any of the other feeds, but can't because you don't have a paid account, let me know. I'll set it up for you. :)
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Subject:Wanna be Famous?
Time:02:13 pm
I have a friend doing research who is looking to interview some of you related to her field of study. And what is her field of study, you ask? Here's how she describes it:
I am a PhD graduate student in sociology at Georgia State University. I'm doing research on Domestic Discipline, Marriage and Relationships, and BDSM. Currently, I'm seeking participants for group interviews OR one-on-one interviews. I'm looking for opinions on similarities and differences in DD and BDSM relationships as well as looking at ideas such as family (what is a family) and religious influences etc. I can come and have a conversation with you at your convenience as long as it is driving distance to Atlanta. If you live out of state, I can also have an e-mail conversation with you.
If this sounds like something you want to be part of, let me know and I will forward you her contact information, and vice versa.

You could be the next anonymous pervert who takes the sociology world by storm!
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Subject:Countdown to Moving Day
Time:11:16 am
Thanks, everyone who has offered to help me move. Saturday is the big day! Here's the schedule, so people can show up when they are able. If you can't make it on Saturday, but wouldn't mind shuffling a few boxes on Friday evening, you will be welcome to pitch in then.

Everyone has my undying gratitude for any time or effort they are able to contribute. Phone me if you have any questions. Email me if you don't have my phone number. I keep my email address on my profile page here.

Friday, 5:30 p.m
Picking up the Truck

Friday evening until 8:00 p.m.
Load the truck with boxes and small stuff

Saturday Morning, 9 a.m.
Put TV, DVD, DVR, Computer, cable modem, and all other things related to Comcast into truck

Unload truck. All things related to Comcast in place before 11 a.m. (cable install appt is from 11:00-2:00)

Saturday Morning, 11 a.m.
Send truck back for furniture and other big stuff

Subway sandwiches and will be provided around lunch time.

Last load to be unloaded by 5:00. Return truck.

Go home and get cleaned up for PiratePalooza! Official start time of PiratePalooza is 8 p.m.
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Subject:Stress and Puzzlement
Time:11:08 am
Current Mood:determineddetermined
Lately, I feel like I am not on the same page with the rest of the world. Sometimes I feel like I am attempting to communicate with people who SOUND like they are speaking English, but don't actually seem to understand it. I am easily frustrated by people who hear my words, but don't react like they understand their meaning. The bitch is, I am pretty sure I am communicating as clearly as I ever do (and let's not be modest about it, I have a certain skill with words and ideas, and their communication), so this leaves me puzzled and exasperated that I am accomplishing so little in my dealings with people these days.

It also leaves me feeling angry and hopeless on a pretty continual basis. I'm not enjoying it.

I attribute a great deal of my strange functionality (I don't want to assume yet that it is DYSfunctionality) to work stress. Lots of rich and varied work stress. Some of it is unpredictable and uncontrollable. Some of it I can see coming from a long way away. Some of it is of my own creation. I am truly blessed with a staggering variety of interesting and unanticipated forms of stress in my job.

It is having an effect in all areas of my life, and in all my relationships. People who tend to be detached and calm in their relating seem to fare better with me these days than people who tend to be passionate and florid. The calm ones let me rant and say "feel better? done now?" while the passionate ones try to help. Oh my. It's a nice thought, but it rarely ends happily. A lot of well-intentioned people get their feelings hurt, and I am left with my anger-provoking conversational isolation that leaves me wondering when everyone changed the meanings of all the words. I didn't get that memo, dammit.

Now, before Scarlett hands me the staple gun so that I may permanently affix my hand to my forehead in a dramatic gesture of long-sufferingness (is that a word?), I just want to say something to my friends who are effected by my uneasiness with life in general these days. This is temporary, even though it feels like forever. Sorry when I've been a bitch. Thanks for caring, and trying to help, even when it wasn't what I needed. My connections with each of you are a perfection, even when they are imperfect. I'm glad I have every irritating and infuriating one of you in my life. ;)

Off to build a bridge now, so I can get over it. See you at Dragon*Con. :D
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Subject:Yet Another Shameless Pitch...
Time:04:32 pm
Hey, guess what?

I'm moving! Not very far, in fact I am staying in the same complex. My new place will be a tad bigger, with a MUCH bigger kitchen and porch. Still 2 bedrooms/2 baths, still washer/dryer, still fireplace. YAY, FIREPLACE!

So, if you are not doing anything the weekend of September 14-16, and REALLY like carrying boxes and eating Subway sandwiches (which I will provide at the appropriate time), you are invited to come join the riotous fun of relocation.

If anyone owns a vehicle that will haul larger furniture pieces like a sofa or king-size bed, that would be great. I don't think it will be entirely necessary, though, because I think I will have to rent some kind of truck no matter what we do, even though I am only moving the equivalent of three blocks or so. I would happily borrow an appliance dolley, however, because I have permission to switch out the stove and/or washing machine if the new apartment's appliances aren't as nice as what I have now.

So, come paw through my stuff and laugh. Come watch cats panic blindly. Come drink beer, because nothing goes with carrying heavy objects through treacherous terrain quite like ice cold beer! And that Saturday evening, we'll knock off moving activities in time for everyone to attend the PiratePalooza Pub Crawl in Decatur. MORE BEER! (or whatever libation floats yer ship)

Drop me a line if you can come play along. Oh, and you can go to PiratePalooza even if you don't help me move. I don't mind. *sniff, sniffle, sob*
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Subject:Shameless self-promotion
Time:09:47 am
Hey Everybody!

The store where I teach was nominated for Fox's Hot List in the Art & Craft category. If you find you have a spare moment or two to interact with the Evil Fox Empire on our behalf, please consider voting for Knitch Knitting at:


Publicity for the shop generally translates directly to money in my pocket, and fame and glory as one of Atlanta's Most Beloved Teachers of Knitting. *cough, cough, choke*

When I'm all famous and shit, I'll remember the little people who helped me get there. :D
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Time:04:21 pm
BeadFest, anyone?
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Subject:Less than 48 hours to go...
Time:11:00 am
My Transformus plans are not as complete as I would like, but what the hell. I have tonight and tomorrow to scramble around to do what I can, and it will just have to be good enough.

I am packing in ignorance and optimism. I am trusting my campmates and the universe to provide for things I did not imagine needing. I'm pretty sure I'm bringing things that will turn out to be pointless, and forgetting things that will be obvious. All signs point to my need to do this once before I will understand what I am approaching.

How do you get to be my age without ever having done anything like this before? If we were provisioning a sailboat for a week offshore, I would know what I was doing. This whole thing with tents, no electricity and no running water is excitingly alien.

I still hope to use this as an opportunity to capture compelling images, and feel like a photographer again. Three of my friends have already given me photo assignments. Please feel free to add to the list, if you like, and I will do what I can to imaginatively seek out or create your request. Assignments so far include:
  • Action photo of someone jumping
  • genuine smiles
  • a ninja fighting a bear (!! I love this one)

More as the adventure unfolds...
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Subject:Single-Digit Midgits
Time:11:41 am
The countdown clock for Transformus is ticking, and I no longer have to take off my shoes to count the remaining days.

Are you going? Do you know where you will be camping? Do you want me to come by and say hello? Let me know how to find you...
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